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The Constant Pursuit IV

Original Work by Jason Wallace

Edition 3 of 3. Original work. Mixed media on cork. Includes 4x 18" in diameter readymade dartboards | 2018

The readymade dartboards deal with the double entendres perception of a target. Much like the Rorschach (roar shack/ink blot) test, the "thing" is just a thing and it is perception of the viewer that determines whether the artifact is positive or negative. The serial or repeated object brings to mind the statistic of both failure and success through attempts. The dartboards calls us to question focus even without the projected darts. 

Meet the Artist

Jason Wallace

Jason is best known for his work dealing with consciousness, public policy and perception within the American construct. Jason's work investigates interpersonal relationships; and personal connections to material objects. His art explores the behaviors of consumption and accumulation within contemporary consciousness.

Wallace's interest in minimalism is prevalent throughout his bodies of work. He uses signifiers, signs & symbols, and iconography to examine the New Realism of the everyday. With a very formative relationship to public art, social practice, and community engagement, Wallace has an interesting approach to his practice. His work ties into the critical postmodern art theory from Roland Barthes, "The death of the author is at the birth of the reader." This statement is at the heart of Wallace's art-making practice that believes that the viewer/audience genuinely gives life to art beyond the maker's intention. Also, with the belief that, in conceptual art, ideas create art, as opposed to the artist, Jason's work is conceptual. 

Jason attended the (SAIC) School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Howard University, and Brooks Institute of Photography. He received his Masters at Tufts University in conjunction with (SMFA) the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Jason Wallace is originally from the South-Side of Chicago, Illinois, but currently lives and works in New York City.

Jason Wallace