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City of Women: A Showcase of Female Artists Shaping New York


An exhibition curated by Apostrophe co-founder Shannon Bender and Apostrophe advisor and art historian, Hall Rockefeller, of LessThanHalf.org - an online community dedicated to holistically solving the problem of women artists' underrepresentation in art history and the art market.

The exhibition will take place during Women's History Month (March) at the NYC Culture Club inside the Oculus Center at the World Trade Center and will feature the works of 5-7 female (or female-identifying) artists based in New York.

With an emphasis on inclusivity, equal representation and breaking glass ceilings in the art world, the exhibition aims to explore the melting pot that is New York City through the lens of women artists who are bringing their diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives into their practice.

For more information on how Apostrophe works with artists, click here.


Submission deadline February 10th, 2023


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