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Alexander Peters

Alexander is an abstract painter and principal dancer at KAYAK Miami Beach’s neighbor, the Miami City Ballet. Inspired by color and the materials at hand, his work develops over time, allowing the mediums to naturally create shapes, forms and textures.


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Anna Zaia

Anna Zaia is Ukrainian artist with a diverse background in acrylic and pastel painting.


Growing up in the Ukrainian countryside, Anna found her inspiration in nature and human interaction and incorporates both in her work. Anna received her BA and Masters of Fine Art at The Instituteof Vasil Stefanyk Subcarpathian National University and now calls New York City her home. 

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Arlene Delgado

Arlene Delgado is a Miami-based artist and designer. Her paintings on canvas are an exploration of abstract texture, natural elements and geometric form.


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Carlotta Kohl

Carlotta Kohl is a German-born, New York-raised photographer and director. Carlotta’s portfolio depicts and challenges the ideas of female sexuality and identity. Her work often appears on the surface to be soft, innocent and candy coloured, however deeper observations reveal emotionally charged themes about the female experience.


Carlotta has shot for publications such as L’officiel Paris, Hommes, and Singapore, Numero Tokyo, Playboy and So it Goes. She has been commissioned for brands like Miu Miu, Gucci, Alberta Feretti and Tiffany & Co.

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Chellis Baird

American artist Chellis Baird blurs the intersection of painting, sculpture and textiles. Baird explores the elements of painting by reconstructing handwoven canvases from a unique perspective.

Her bespoke process begins with woven structures as her base. Each canvas starts with neutral toned materials that are then painted, dyed and sculpted into dimensional brushstrokes. She creates tangled compositions through a series of twists, knots, and upcycled textiles. Baird’s background in fashion allows her to dress the canvas with imagination.

Baird received her BFA in textiles from Rhode Island School of Design and studied studio art at the Art Students League in New York City. Born in Spartanburg, SC, Baird now lives and works in New York City. Chellis is a 2022 National Arts Club (NAC) Fellow.

Recent press around Touch of Red and Chellis' work:


Portray Magazine


Whitehot Magazine

Chellis' full CV can be found here.

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Creatively x Apostrophe

Apostrophe joined forces with Creatively, a community of professional creatives to Celebrate Womxn in Art. Hosted by members club, Zero Bond, attendees enjoyed a selection of pieces on display from leading female creatives with music and entertainment by international women’s DJ collective, Les Filles.

The Creatively x Apostrophe curation includes Anna Zaia, Carlotta Kohl, Chellis Baird, Joelle Grace Taylor, Kat Page, Rajni Jacques, Quiana Parks, Mulan Fu, Mokshini and Rachel van der Nacht.

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Ella Barnes

Ella Barnes is an emerging artist based in New York, NY. Barnes employs the cyanotype process to create works on paper and textile. Cross multiplying photography with sculpture and collage, Barnes’ work questions the shape of consciousness, probing for hidden patterns and discovering visual oases. Barnes has participated in shows in New York, Miami, and Berlin.

Ella works with an alternative photography method called the cyanotype process. This chemical solution applied to paper or textile yields blue toned impressions when exposed to UV light. Captivated by the infinite possibilities of working with light and shadow, Ella create images exclusively using this camera-less photography medium.


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Emery Morales

Emery Morales is a transgender collage artist from Miami, Florida. Often finding inspiration from vintage magazines and old books, Emery's collages combine playful human cut-outs with natural elements and colorful graphic shapes that reinterpret the world around them. Their abstract yet light-hearted style makes engaging with their artwork approachable and enjoyable, adding a bit of imagination to any wall.


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Jason Wallace Studio

Jason is best known for his work dealing with consciousness, public policy and perception within the American construct. Jason's work investigates interpersonal relationships; and personal connections to material objects. His art explores the behaviors of consumption and accumulation within contemporary consciousness.

Wallace's interest in minimalism is prevalent throughout his bodies of work. He uses signifiers, signs & symbols, and iconography to examine the New Realism of the everyday. With a very formative relationship to public art, social practice, and community engagement, Wallace has an interesting approach to his practice. His work ties into the critical postmodern art theory from Roland Barthes, "The death of the author is at the birth of the reader." This statement is at the heart of Wallace's art-making practice that believes that the viewer/audience genuinely gives life to art beyond the maker's intention. Also, with the belief that, in conceptual art, ideas create art, as opposed to the artist, Jason's work is conceptual. 

Jason attended the (SAIC) School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Howard University, and Brooks Institute of Photography. He received his Masters at Tufts University in conjunction with (SMFA) the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Jason Wallace is originally from the South-Side of Chicago, Illinois, but currently lives and works in New York City.

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Joelle Grace Taylor

Joelle Grace Taylor (formerly Rosen) is a photographer and director hailing from the Deep South and currently based in Los Angeles.


Inspired by individuals, decades of fashion, landscape and color, Joelle creates dream-like imagery full of energy and depth. Her "retro dream-grunge" style is vibrant and grounded, contemporary and refined while maintaining a timeless aesthetic for clients including Nike, Capitol Records, Billboard Magazine,The New Yorker, Warner Records, Pepsi Co, Refinery 29 and more.

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Kat Page

Kathryn aka Kat Page is a director/photographer based in New York City.

Kathryn likes approaching every project as an opportunity to impact a certain collective. She loves having thought-provoking projects to create works that inspire, allow someone to feel seen, or to create joy.


She began shooting professionally in 2014, although it’s been a lifetime of documenting with her camera in hand. Since then Kathryn has worked with brands from Amazon Music to Walgreens, and individuals such as Chrissy Teigen and Brad Pitt to name a few.

Kathryn’s personal projects are a space where we can make more space for people to be seen and point your attention to the beauty that you may not have noticed before.

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KAYAK Miami x Art Week '21

Throughout Miami Beach's latest & greatest boutique hotel, guests found themselves drawn to a menagerie of stunning works by locals Arlene Delgado, Emery Morales, Alexander Peters and New York talent Sarp Kerem Yavuz, Ella Barnes and Michael Sadowsky. Guests were greeted outside by a live installation by Plant Passenger and photos of previous installations indoors.  

All pieces were thoughtfully selected by Apostrophe's resident curator, Josh Campbell and were shoppable via QR code. Original works were transported to your door and prints are produced & shipped via a direct integration with Apostrophe's print & framing factory. 

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Michael Sadowsky

Michael is a NY-based abstract expressionist painter with the rare gift of synesthesia. A rising star on the contemporary art scene, Sadowsky’s work was featured in six curated exhibitions in 2021.


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The eccentric personalities, the fashion, the architecture: these everyday elements—a perpetual source of inspiration—are why New Zealander Mokshini now calls Brooklyn home. 


Mokshini is a multi-disciplinary artist whose creative output ranges from painting to concept sketching, editorial collaborations, and textile design. All feature her signature witty, yet sophisticated take on daily life in the city, which is borne of her whimsical portrayal of characters and a passion for storytelling.

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Mulan Fu

Mulan Fu is an award-winning director, animator, and illustrator currently based in New York City and Shanghai. She is the recipient of the BAFTA King Features Scholarship, two National Board of Review Annual Grants, and numerous awards from international film festivals. As a storyteller, Mulan is intrigued by the emotional depth of touching familial stories and the conflicting interactions between humans and technology. Growing up in Asia and studying abroad in Europe and North America, she finds passion in discovering captivating stories along her travels and sharing them with the world through the magical medium of animation.


Her commercial work ranges from 2D cel animation, motion graphics, illustration to animated feature creative development. She is a graduate of the Film and Television major at New York University Tisch School of the Arts and is currently pursuing a master's degree in educational game design at Teachers College Columbia University.

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Plant Passenger

Founded in September 2020 by New York-based creative and co-founder of Apostrophe, Keith Martine, Plant Passenger installations were originally intended to simply be an expression of creativity. His love for Mother Nature, deep appreciation of human design and everlasting interest in developing lasting positive impressions on communities are what drove their interest in furthering the Plant Passenger concept past its original intention.

Fast forward to today and Plant Passenger installations have become a way to give brands a platform to speak to narratives of their choice while promoting their brand in a unique, organic way. The juxtaposition of Mother Nature’s beauty against human design lends itself well to new product & location launches, charitable organizations and most importantly, a conversation around environmental protection & eco-consciousness.

Branding and design completed in collaboration with strategic branding expert, Lara Atalie.

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Rachel van der Nacht

Rachel van der Nacht is a French creative director and visual artist based in New York. She works with an array of fashion, luxury, and lifestyle clients, including Adidas, Refinery29, Equinox, Nike, Puma, Livy, Burt’s Bees, and Konbini, to name a few. Her work was exhibited in Paris, Berlin, and NYC. 


She studied literature and philosophy in France and earned an MFA in “Design as an Entrepreneur/Author” at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She helps brands define their identity by shaping and telling their stories through design and visual arts across all platforms.

Her personal work aims to echo her personal journeys and experiences. With North African roots influencing her, she expresses a duality that exists everywhere in life, and that can be both difficult and uplifting. She explores harmonious discord and reconciles opposing themes such as happiness vs. sadness or punk vs. traditional. These influences are depicted as cohesive and true representations of reality, that can and actually always coexist.   

By challenging the idea of opposition and asking the viewer to see everything as connected, her creations offer a different angle on life. Art that acknowledges both good and bad, and twists them into a singular new sentiment —  all-together. Think a cactus offering free hugs or two boxers hugging instead of fighting.

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Rajni Jacques

Rajni is a Haitian-American creative and fashion director based in Brooklyn with years of experience in publishing, branded content, and brand building. She is the Global Head of Fashion and Beauty at Snap with priors at Allure and Teen Vogue.


Rajni also supports Black businesses with her non-profit / weekly market series, Building Black Bed-Stuy

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Sarp Kerem Yavuz

Sarp Kerem Yavuz is a visual artist working primarily with photography, light projection, and video. His works explore various aspects of gender, politics, religion, and violence. Sarp is the recipient of numerous international accolades (Leslie Lohman Museum Artist Fellowship, Palms Springs Festival Emerging Photographer, New Artists Society Award and more) and his work has been included in over 30 exhibitions worldwide. He is based between Istanbul & New York.


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Zero Bond x Chellis Baird

Downtown members' club Zero Bond tapped Apostrophe to curate artists for their fifth floor residency. Selected artists will be on display beside Zero Bond's legendary permanent collection including works by the likes of Andy Warhol, Oscar Murillo, Cameron Platter, Francesco Clemente, Banksy and more.

Introducing Zero Bond's March Resident Artist

Meet Chellis Baird, the New York-based American artist blurring the intersection of painting, sculpture and textiles. Baird explores elements of painting by reconstructing handwoven canvases from a unique perspective.


Her bespoke process begins with woven structures as her base. Each canvas starts with neutral toned materials that are then painted, dyed and sculpted into dimensional brushstrokes. She creates tangled compositions through a series of twists, knots, and upcycled textiles. Baird’s background in fashion allows her to dress the canvas with imagination.

Zero Bond is a twenty thousand square foot private membership club in the heart of Noho, New York City. 


More about Chellis

Baird received her BFA in textiles from Rhode Island School of Design and studied studio art at the Art Students League in New York City. Born in Spartanburg, SC, Baird now lives and works in New York City. Chellis is a 2022 National Arts Club (NAC) Fellow.

Her upcoming solo show at the NAC, titled Touch of Red, will be an exploration of the color and opens March 21st. A continuation of that series, Chellis has created four sculptural paintings titled Flirt for Zero Bond's Library.

Recent press around Touch of Red and Chellis' works at Zero Bond:


Portray Magazine


Whitehot Magazine

Chellis' full CV can be found here.

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